Legislative Update 3.9.12

News from Representative Franson

This week Representative Garofalo, chairman of the Education Finance Committee introduced House File 2083. Since the November 2011 forecast we now have a $1.2 billion surplus.

This budget surplus allows us to put kids first and start paying back the education shift. With this bill we are paying back all of last year’s shift and starting payments on the debt left on schools by the previous DFL-controlled Legislature. It is what’s right for our kids and keeps our state in strong financial health.

This bill taps the state’s $1 billion of cash reserves to pay back all of the additional education shift passed as part of the budget agreement with Governor Dayton last year of $430 million and also makes the first repayment of the $2 billion education shift Democrats passed when they controlled the Legislature in 2010.

We are in a great position to start paying this back, and I’d like to thank Rep. Garofalo for introducing this bill. This truly does make our kids a priority and puts our school districts in a better position to make decisions for students. It is my hope this bill makes its way quickly through the legislature and will be heard on the House floor soon and I hope the governor will sign this bill in support of kids in Minnesota.

This bill along with the other Reform 2.0 bills can be found on our Reform 2.0 website. www.reform2.mn Bills can be tracked on this website and more information on government reform can be found here as well.

If you have any questions regarding this bill or any of our reform bills please don’t hesitate to contact my office at 651-296-3201 or by emailing me at rep.mary.franson@house.mn

Have a great weekend!

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Mary has been serving as the State Representative in MN House District 8B for the past 8 years.

Mary Franson

Mary has been serving as the State Representative in MN House District 8B for the past 8 years.

Where Mary Stands

As our State Representative, Mary Franson is committed to strengthening our economy, promoting job growth and standing up for family farmers.