2018 Radio Ads

Radio Ad 1: Our Way of Life

In Douglas and Otter Tail Counties working hard is just a way of life. We go to church, we work hard to support our families and we pay our taxes. Yet government too often just wastes our tax dollars and makes life more difficult for us. Whether it’s place more burdensome regulations on our farmers or making healthcare more expensive, the swamp in Saint Paul and liberal politicians are making life more difficult for us back here at home. But this year, we have an opportunity to finally change that. Instead of these metro politicians pushing their extreme liberal agenda on us, lets turn the tables and inject our conservative values into our state government. I’m Mary Franson and I represent the best and I’m asking for your vote to continue working for you for another two years.

Radio Ad 2: Kids and Politics

FRIEND: It’s so hard to watch TV these days. All the commercials are about politics and we’re not even old enough to vote!
SON: Yeah, but I’m used to politics. My mom is Mary Franson. She’s a state representative!
FRIEND: What’s that?!
SON: A state representative works for all the families in a community at the Capitol by solving problems – like finding ways to make sure it won’t cost an arm and a leg to visit the doctor! And she wants to keep taxes low so our parents have more money in their wallet to spend on us.
FRIEND: Sounds like a hard job!
SON:  It is! And she wants to keep working hard for our neighbors!
FRIEND: What happens next then?
SON: On November 6, people will go out and vote!
FRIEND: And your mom is on the ballot? Does that mean people can vote for your mom, Mary Franson?
SON:  Yup! Vote for my mom, Mary Franson! As she always likes to say, she represents THE BEST!

Franson Radio 3:
This is state Representative Mary Franson and I have some exciting news to share with you today!
On Saturday, October 27, President Donald Trump put out a tweet in support of my re-election!
It’s not often that the President of the United States gets involved in local elections, but he knows and we all know what’s at stake in November.
And just like President Trump is working to make America great again, I want to make Minnesota great again.
Together, we can do this, but you have to vote for Mary Franson for State Representative on November 6!

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Mary has been serving as the State Representative in MN House District 8B for the past 8 years.
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Mary Franson

Mary has been serving as the State Representative in MN House District 8B for the past 8 years.

Where Mary Stands

As our State Representative, Mary Franson is committed to strengthening our economy, promoting job growth and standing up for family farmers.